Safe Hair Loss Treatment – Herbal Hair Remedies

By | March 11, 2017
Hair loss is a wide spread phenomenon that often makes you feel very
bad about yourself. Nothing could enhance your looks as better as
healthy hair.

For most of the people hair loss happens to be a
miserable experience and they take a long time to accustom themselves
with this new condition.

But I would suggest all folks who feel
traumatized because of their partial or complete hair loss to better
search for remedies instead of feeling bad about it for the whole of
their life.

There is a wide range of remedial options which claim to offer
permanent cure to hair loss. Herbal remedies are the best treatment
options available though.

There are two advantages with herbal hair
loss treatment, first it is cost effective and secondly it doesn’t give
way to side effects that you may experience with other hair loss
treatments. Herbal hair loss remedies are of two types, either it could
be in form of herbs meant to be ingested or there could herbs to be
massaged or applied on scalp.

In this article I would restrict myself to relate only external use
herbs for hair. There is a good number of external use herbs which are
applied on the scalp but only a few of them have the proven record of
bringing back hair on scalp.

Following are some of the easily available herbs:

  1. Carthamus Tinctorius: It is popularly known as
    Safflower oil. This oil happens to be very useful in making hair
    follicles work again. It tends to increase blood circulation towards
    follicles making follicles enriched with essential elements to combat
    any disruption in its functioning. It could be applied twice on scalp
    in a day. A consistent and long term use would give positive results.
  2. Onion: This essential food ingredient happens to be
    a unanimous choice as herbal paste to be applied on scalp for improving
    hair regeneration. Onion proves effective because of its sulfur
    content. Before taking bath you can apply onion on your scalp. The
    practice could be continued for months to get the desired effect.
  3. Red Henna: It is very common herb in use to combat
    hair loss. This herb is better suggested to be used twice a week. If
    you constantly keep applying red henna on your scalp you would prevent
    hair fall and you might be able to activate follicles for hair
  4. Aloe Vera: It is also common use herb for various
    purposes and its efficacy for treating hair loss is due to presence of
    nitric oxide and certain enzymes that help in hair nourishment and
  5. Red Pepper: It also serves the same purpose. But it
    shouldn’t be excessively used on hairs.

These are some of the herbs that have proved to be effective as hair
loss remedy. You can use any of them to overcome hair loss but
consistency and patience is a prerequisite with these herbal external
use medications.

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