How to Stop Hair Loss

By | March 20, 2017
How to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that happens to more than 40% of men, and to many
women too all over the world. Though men can go to the extreme of ending up


with hair loss, women seldom end up bald with their hair loss. In fact,
women end up more with

thinning hair

with hair loss.

There is no need of worrying about hair loss, as there are many techniques
and products that can be used to stop hair loss.

If you are wondering how
to stop hair loss
, the best option you have is to use natural approaches as
there are many bogus

hair loss products

on the market that only promise to stop hair loss, but are not effective in
doing so.

Various causes for hair loss

The first thing you have to do to stop hair loss is to find out what the
cause for hair loss actually is. There are numerous causes for hair loss
like heredity, stress, wrong food, pregnancy, wrong use of hair care
products and some drugs.

If your hair loss is due to some drugs like chemotherapy, stopping hair
loss is easy for as once the medication is discontinued; your hair loss
automatically stops after some time.

On discontinuing the medication, the
body and your hair follicles need some time to overcome all the hair loss
and side effects that are caused by the medication, after which things
return to normal.

Relaxation can help stop hair loss

If the cause for your hair loss is stress, you have to eliminate the stress
factor from your life. This can be done either by learning to handle the
stressful condition, or by resorting to relaxation techniques like
mediation, exercise and yoga to eliminate stress from the body.

Hair fall due to wrong food can obviously be rectified by modifying your
diet and eating more of healthy food and less of fast food and unhealthy
food. There are various foods that are effective in promoting hair growth
like milk, eggs, cod liver oil, meat, whole grain cereals, apricot and dark
green vegetables.

Consult your dietician or trichologist for the best diet
for you to follow to stop hair loss and to promote hair growth.

There are many treatment options to help stop hair loss

Don’t worry if your hair loss is heredity as there are many hair loss
products and treatment
options for you to try out to control this.

like Rogaine, Finasteride and Minoxidil are all effective in stopping hair
and in helping you regain your healthy mane of hair. This only applied
to cases where the loss is either female or

male pattern baldness.

There are also surgical options like hair restoration and transplant the
doctor may prescribe for you, depending on your type of hair loss.

Of course, if the cause of hair loss is the hair care products you use, you
just have to change the product for something else that is softer and
better for you to use on your hair. Hair loss due to pregnancy and delivery
is temporary, and wears off within 3-6 months of your delivery.

So you can see that stopping hair loss is not at all difficult, as long as
you find out the reason and cause for your hair loss, and work at resolving

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