Potential Female Hair Loss Treatment and Causes

By | March 20, 2017
Female Hair Loss Treatment

Most people normally associate hair loss with men. However, this condition
is just as likely to affect women, too, at some point in their lives.

rarely hear about or notice these instances since female hair loss is
usually less severe and not concentrated in a couple of spots like male
hair loss.

Although it’s easier for women to hide hair loss, that doesn’t
mean they have to suffer from it forever.

Let’s look at why women have hair
loss troubles in the first place and which female

hair loss treatment
can help reverse the damage.

Hair Loss Causes

  • Hormones
    : Sometimes women may develop androgenetic alopecia due to the low
    levels of testosterone found within the female body. When these levels
    convert into hair-unfriendly DHT, women experience pattern baldness
    just like men. Hormonal imbalances like an overactive or under active
    thyroid gland can also cause hair loss. This is the body’s way of
    warning there is a problem that requires treatment.
  • Stress:
    Chaotic, on-the-go lifestyles also contribute to hair loss. Yet there
    is also an indirect correlation here: since stress can lead to
    infection and poor hygiene, they in turn signal diseases and other
    conditions you were previously unaware of, which are now manifesting
    themselves through hair loss.
  • Pregnancy:
    Along those lines, traumatic events like childbirth cause stress in a
    woman’s normal hair growth cycles. During pregnancy, hair that normally
    falls out is retained due to hormones. When her hormone levels revert
    back to pre-pregnancy hormone levels, the retained hair comes out,
    usually months after delivery.
  • Alopecia Areata
    : Not much is known about this condition, but experts suspect it has to
    do with deficiencies in the immune system resulting in patchy areas of
    hair loss that can become widespread.
  • Improper Hair Care:
    Unlike the causes discussed above, here, women are more accountable for
    hair loss since styling can result in scars that keep hair from growing
    back. Curlers, tight hairstyles, hot oil treatment, and chemicals used
    in perms, bleach and dyes all damage hair follicles

Female Hair Loss Treatment

There are countless female hair loss treatments on the market, but

Provillus for Women

is an FDA-approved topical solution to help women re-grow hair.

By applying
the solution to the affected areas and taking one capsule, each twice a
day, it gets to the root of the problem, stimulating hair growth from the
inside out.

Unlike other female hair loss treatments, Provillus contains
the minerals, herbs and vitamins that will nourish hair follicles and
promote hair growth and vitality, giving you strong and healthy hair.

with any product, there are mild side effects, but Provillus is so
confident it will restore beautiful hair, it offers customers a money-back
guarantee. For more information, please visit


laser hair loss treatments

generally also work for women’s hair loss.

Hair loss in women may not be as common as male hair loss, but that doesn’t
mean it’s any less serious. In fact, it can be more devastating when
considering the impossibly high beauty standards society holds for females.
Women need not despair though – female hair loss treatments like Provillus
are clinically proven to re-grow hair, but more importantly, restore

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